Pro Tips: Creating Video During Quarantine

April 15, 2020

We are living in a new world right now, and we’re all experiencing it together. Video production is no exception. 

The world is still communicating. With more time to peruse social media, video is the star.

It is possible to put together effective video that you can share yourself during this time.

Here are a few tips to make the most of your quarantine video. 

Don’t sweat it. For the most part, we’re all at home. We all get it. Cats and dogs often walk in front of your camera. Kids will scream in the background. It’s okay. Laugh about it. 

Be casual but don’t be sloppy. Sweatpants may be your new uniform, but at least clean yourself up if you’re going in front of a camera. Putting on a suit to host a Zoom call from your kitchen table doesn’t make sense but at least take a shower and make yourself look presentable. 

Think about your background. When you’re videoing yourself, try and check what’s behind you. Clean up those dirty dishes. Remove clutter. You’ll want your background to be interesting but not busy. A bookshelf or fireplace looks great. A plain white wall is boring. 

Windows in front, not behind. This is a big one. Be aware of the windows in your home. Use them as your light source by facing the windows. This will help illuminate your beautiful face.

If you have a window behind you it will make it difficult for your camera to properly expose your face. There’s a good chance it will put you in the dark and make it look like you’re in the witness protection program. 

Eye level. Get that laptop or cellphone at your eye level. Angles are important. Shooting from too high or too low can be distracting and very unflattering. Use a stack of books or a shelf to position the camera in front of your face. This will help viewers connect with you. 

Practice, practice, practice. Being in front of the camera isn’t easy especially for those of us who would rather be behind the camera. If you need to read a script or deliver a presentation, take some time and rehearse before hitting the “record” or “go live” button. This will help you relax and make it easier. 

Your video doesn’t need to be polished. This is one time when viewers are used to mistakes, bad lighting, and poor audio. I’m not suggesting that you should forget about these elements but don’t overthink things, either. Do your best. Your audience understands these conditions aren’t ideal. 

If you need help, we’re here. Our team is still producing commercials, PSAs, and video messages for our clients.

Though we may not be able to video you in person, there are ways we can work with you to produce a great video.

With the exception of the drone shot, this entire video was shot with our cell phones.

Good luck and have fun with it.