Case Study: Poured in PA

August 13, 2020

In early 2017, GK Visual co-owner and executive producer Nate Kresge called the team together to announce a new project: We were going to make a beer documentary.

Poured in PA: The Beginning

Poured in Pennsylvania is actually GK Visual’s second documentary. We dipped our toe into the format in 2015 when we produced Brewed in the Burg, a 100-min film centered around Harrisburg’s beer scene, as part of Harrisburg Beer Week.

We knew then there was a much bigger story to tell, and as craft beer lovers ourselves, our team often scouted new and favorite breweries during our travels.

Following Nate’s announcement, our team developed a plan and shoot schedule. We toured 50+ breweries throughout 2017, talking with brewers, owners, hop farmers, maltsters, keg manufacturers and other industry professionals about Pennsylvania beer.

Our star-studded lineup represents all four corners of Pennsylvania, large breweries – Tröegs, Victory, Yards – to small; America’s oldest brewery (Yuengling) and first woman brewer (Carol Stoudt); and still-in-progress newbs like Wolf Brewing Co. and Harris Family Brewery.

Poured in Pennsylvania premiered in 2018. The feature-length documentary has been featured at film festivals across the country, earning dozens of awards, including a Mid-Atlantic Emmy nomination. It is available streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Poured in Pa: The Series

The success of Poured in Pennsylvania energized our team. We wanted to be able to continue to share the stories of the incredible people through Pennsylvania’s craft beer industry.

Rather than a sequel, we launched Poured in PA: The Series, weaving together a variety of interviews following themes (Dog-friendly breweries! Family-oriented events! Beer influencers! Low cal brews!) and highlighting notable events and news (Fresh Fest! Ways breweries pivot during the pandemic!), punctuated with a Brewery Spotlight, which showcases an individual brewery of note at the conclusion.

Helping to guide the viewer through each episode is our host, Danielle Hartman. Like the rest of our team, Danielle is a craft beer aficionado. She capably links together each segment and signs off each episode.

Due to delays caused by COVID-19, Poured in PA: The Series launched free on our YouTube channel, where the first seven or more episodes are available for binging.

Poured in PA YouTube Channel

After Poured: The Podcast

We partnered with Pittsburgh, Pa.-based Jason Cercone for a special videocast called, “After Poured.” In each episode, Jason interviews Kresge, other GK Visual team members, and special guests from the featured episode.

They dive into behind-the-scenes goodies and provide updates from the series.

Watch it here:

Poured in PA: What People Are Saying

Poured in PA: The Series has received critical acclaim since its launch.

Further, Pennsylvania breweries themselves have heralded GK Visual’s ability to tell the Commonwealth’s beer stories in a professional and engaging way.

“Because of ‘Poured in PA’ episode #6, where [Hemauer Brewing Co.] was featured as a brewery/taproom dealing with opening during a pandemic, beer lovers, both near and far, have visited HBC, many becoming regulars to our establishment. These are individuals who would don’t have learned about HBC had it not been for GK Visual’s series … GK Visual’s product is high quality, interesting to watch, and helps bring the community together to support each other.”

Brooks Hemauer, Hemauer Brewing Co. 

“This type free marketing is incredibly beneficial to us especially during these trying times … [This project serves as] the editorial conduit between the core functions and innovation of Pennsylvania’s craft breweries and its worldwide audience during a time when it is desperately needed most.”

Jason Ufema, Shy Bear Brewing

“The Team behind Poured in PA continue[s] to promote ALL people within craft beer, highlighting the fact that beer is unifying and is meant for EVERYONE (21+ of course). As a female, their dedication to diversity and inclusion resonates strongly with me. Their unique platform enables consumers, producers, enthusiasts, newcomers—ALL people— to be engaged while hearing the stories of craft beer.”

Hannah K. Gohde, Naked Brewing Co. 

“Pennsylvania is a top producer of craft beer in the country. As increasing production from other states threatens this standing, it is increasingly important to document and promote the variety, quality and diversity that Pennsylvania craft breweries offer in product, talent, and ownership. The producers of Poured in PA: The Series continue to thoughtfully and creatively bring all of these highlights together to promote our economically impactful industry.”

Rebecca L. Ryman, Wallenpaupack Brewing Co. 

“Pennsylvania’s craft beer scene plays an integral role in social life within our state, and through the visual artistry and media reach that GK Visual has demonstrated themselves fully capable of that same scene can be a tremendous draw for tourism into our state, as well as compelling advertising for PA brewed beers distributed throughout the US.”

Bill Covaleski, Victory Brewing Company

Fast Facts: Poured in PA

  • Poured in Pennsylvania
    • Mid-Atlantic Emmy-nominated feature-length documentary
    • Premiere: 2018
    • 1 hr 31 min
    • Streaming on Amazon Prime Video