What to Watch: For Busybodies

May 18, 2020

As audiovisual professionals, our team not only creates videos, but we love to watch them, too. At a time when we all are seeking content to consume, each of the GK Team is offering our top streaming picks.

Our writer/producer, Sara’s YouTube “Subscriptions” tab is filled with plant and yoga videos she never has time to watch, but once she gets her toddler to bed at night, she pads out to the couch to air-pop some popcorn and log-on to her FireStick to relax and unwind.

She famously dislikes most popular things, having zero interest in Game of Thrones or any other period piece, can’t get into satire, and will NOT watch Tiger King, Love is Blind or any other reality show.

Here’s what’s in Sara’s queue:

Working Moms

As a “new” mom, this comedy on motherhood was appealing from the get-go. I’d say it’s less about being these characters being moms, especially past season 1, but it’s a fun release from life to watch as these wacky women manage their relationships and careers — their common thread a new mom’s group.

Watch on Netflix.

Never Have I Ever

All Hail Mindy Kaling. This new series created by The Office alum (and author, among much more!) about an Indian American teenager trying to change her lot in the high school hierarchy is filled with humor, fun, and the appropriate amount of cringe-inducing teen moments.

Watch on Netflix.

It’s Alive with Brad Leone (or whatever Bon Appetit floats your boat)

For a decades-old gourmet cooking magazine, Bon Appetit has really expanded its content. From its email newsletters featuring various editors sharing everything from favorite home goods to diatribes on life in quarantine to their YouTube channel that has made its team veritable video stars.

These videos are approachable, helpful, and most importantly, fun — so you can learn about pickling or making sourdough or baking the easiest chocolate cake — all from the comfort of your iPad.

Watch on YouTube.

Hilton Carter

I joke that my only hobbies are cooking and plants (I guess it’s not so much a joke …), and whether you’re a beginner or have already turned your home into an urban jungle, Hilton Carter is your man. He’s based in Baltimore, Md., which makes me think of him like a neighbor.

In addition to his two plant-related books and dreamy Instagram feed, Carter shares his plant knowledge through a variety of channels, including as Plant Doctor on Apartment Therapy (YouTube and IGTV) and video propagation courses with AirBNB.

Find on Instagram and YouTube and AirBNB.com.

Salt Fat Acid Heat

If you haven’t yet watched this 4-episode overview of Samin Nosrat’s book of the same name, do it now. Especially if you like food, like, at all. Fall in love with Samin as she makes traditional Perisan rice with her mom, makes foccacia with freshly harvested olive oil in Italy, and more.

Her book is a natural addition to any cook’s collection, as she breaks down cooking into four concepts: salt, fat, acid, and heat.

Watch on Netflix.