What to watch: Best in Booze

April 24, 2020

As audiovisual professionals, our team not only creates videos, but we love to watch them, too. At a time when we all are seeking content to consume, each of the GK Team is offering our top streaming picks.

Our founder, Nate, has a penchant for good beer, wine, and whiskey (especially bourbon), so it’s natural he’d hone in on some of the best documentaries about alcohol.

Here are Nate’s top streaming picks:

Obviously I’m partial to our film, Poured in Pennsylvania, which we highly recommend, and you can find on Amazon Prime.

If you want to branch out and view a few other films about alcohol, check out these great documentaries.


Let me start off by saying this film is gorgeous. The cinematography and storytelling by the team at Vinegar Hill Creative in Pittsburgh is outstanding.

I’m a bourbon fan through and through but you don’t have to be a whiskey nerd like myself to enjoy this doc.

Find it on Hulu.

Bourbon Up with Fred Minnick

This series of interviews with bourbon fans, distillers, and experts is more for the bourbon nerd. These short (8 minutes or so) episodes are hosted by whiskey writer and critic Fred Minnick. I’ve met Fred and shared bourbon with him a couple of times so I am used to his quirky style but others may be put off by his ascots.

The production on this series isn’t the best but if you’re a fan of the USA’s only distinctive spirit then I think you’ll enjoy it. 

Find it on Amazon Prime.


Here’s a fun one if you’re a wine fan.

This documentary follows those studying for the Master Sommelier Exam. At times, the characters in the film come across on screen like they are in a bizarre reality show.

You’ll learn a lot about what goes into the study of wine and may pick up some of your own pretentious descriptors like “fresh-cut garden hose.”

Find it on Hulu.

Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes dives into an almost unbelievable story about wine fraud. It’s a fascinating look at a con man who fooled so many “experts” with fraudulent bottles of priceless wine. This film is great for fans of true crime.

Find it on Netflix.

Scotch: A Golden Dream

This film reminds me a lot of our film, Poured in Pennsylvania. It follows blenders, farmers, coopers, and Scotch experts to give you a great understanding of what Scotch is and how it came to be.

The passion and life’s work of those who make up this industry is brought to life through interviews and beautiful cinematography.

Find it on Amazon.

The Beer Jesus From America

We don’t have the only beer documentary out there by any means. There’s a wealth of beer-related film, some good, some bad.

The Beer Jesus From America is a good one that tells the story of Greg Koch of Stone Brewing and his quest to take craft beer to Germany.

You follow the long process of opening up an American brewery in a country that isn’t used to deviating from the purity law.

Find it on Amazon.