SPOTLIGHT: American Music Theatre

July 3, 2019

We’ve been honored to work with American Music Theatre for several years, and we’ve always been impressed with their level of talent, skill, and professionalism.

American Music Theatre, or AMT, opened in April 1997 and is coming up on 23 years, 46 original productions, and more than 1,500 concerts!

We recently sat down with Brandon Martin, Director of Production, to chat about what makes AMT special and how they implement the use of video into their marketing efforts.

Tell us about American Music Theatre and what sets it apart from other theatres.

Aside from being the only venue in the country that offers both celebrity concerts and musical productions that are written, produced and directed in-house, we feel what really makes us unique is the experience our patrons have when they see a show here. From the extra legroom in the seating areas to the state-of-the-art audio and lighting systems; a show at AMT is just a quality experience.

What is an AMT Original Show?

In a nutshell, an AMT Original Show is a music-themed production that is conceived of, written, built, directed and produced by AMT and features the renowned AMT Orchestra and a cast of incredible singers and dancers from around the country. Each year we stage an all-new Original Show from May to October. Our Christmas Show runs November and December.

What’s it like to work with the GK Visual Team?

In a word? Easy. In two words? Very easy. In 56 words? The GK team always seems to grasp the concept we’re after. They’re on time, on target, and make the process of any project a simple one. What often starts as a quick phone call to chat about a concept, ends in a great looking piece in the inbox, much faster (and with fewer revisions) than expected.

How do you use video in your promotions?

We use videos in a multitude of ways. Whether it be TV commercials, social posts, website content, digital posters or targeted display ads – video is the biggest tool in our marketing toolbox.

How do you use photography in your promotions?

Our top avenues of reaching patrons are through social media, email and direct postage mailings. Good photography is pure gold when it comes to keeping these areas of outreach fresh and exciting.

Why are strong images so effective in advertising your events?

Quite simply, few people will read more than 10 words on a billboard. With the right image, we can serve them 1,000 words in two seconds. The same holds true when talking about anything from traditional print to digital ads.

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