Upcoming ‘Poured’ Screenings

July 25, 2018

It’s a busy summer for our crew, as we’re trekking across the state for a host of clients, as well as for a number of events showcasing our feature-length documentary,¬†Poured in Pennsylvania.

‘Poured in PA’ explores our state’s craft beer industry. We spent much of 2017 on the Turnpike (and so many back roads) chatting with a great representation of breweries making up the past and current landscape of Pa. beer.

The film premiered in April, and since then we’ve been booking screenings all across the state — and beyond! Our film has been¬†accepted at festivals in New Jersey, Colorado, and Maryland!

Take a look at our upcoming events and catch the movie (usually paired with some refreshing brews and often, a Q&A with our executive director, Nate Kresge):

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