Poured in PA Sneak Peeks

July 6, 2017

We’re spending much of the summer traversing the state for our craft beer documentary project,¬†Poured in PA.

In search of the stories behind breweries both large and small, we’re exploring all four corners — and in-between — of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

It probably seems like it’s been a long time since we started this project. It’s a big one, and we’ll be shooting through much of this year before the full editing process begins. Our goal is to release¬†Poured in PA in time for Harrisburg Beer Week 2018 — the last week in April of next year.

In the interim, however, we’re sharing a few clips from some of our interviews as we’re able.

You can follow Poured in PA on Facebook to get these when we upload them. We also post to Twitter and Instagram (and you may want to follow these accounts to get a taste of where we are on our travels!).

We’ll be sampling in northeastern Pa. next week, but before we go, we thought you’d like to check out these clips of some of the places we’ve already been: