GK Competes in Vidjam Harrisburg

June 12, 2017

Over Memorial Day weekend, our team of five entered a 48-hour filmmaking competition.

Run annually by local film organization, Vidjam, the Vidjam Harrisburg 48 Hour Filmmaking Weekend is open to filmmakers of all levels.

The rules were simple: A theme was announced precisely at 7 p.m. on Friday evening and each team had until 7 p.m. Sunday evening to deliver a four- to eight-minute short film.

Ahead of the competition, we talked through a few possible video concepts and felt we had a good start. However, once the theme of “transformation,” was announced, we realized that none of our preconceived concepts would work.

This sent our team back into brainstorming mode.

The story idea born out of that meeting was that of a man who desperately wanted to reach new heights and turned to a self-help tape to help accomplish his dream.

Though we didn’t win, we had a great time challenging ourselves to develop the video in the constraints of the competition.

We hope you enjoy Self-Help.