Meet Our Team: Sara Bozich

December 21, 2016

Whether you see us on shoots, behind-the-scenes Instagram photos or have attended one of our events, we thought we’d take the opportunity to let you learn more about our team. We’ll be sharing a mini interview with one of our team members each month.

Sara Bozich is GK Visual’s Writer and Producer.


What has been your favorite shoot since you’ve been with GK Visual?

Until a few weeks ago, it was definitely a series of shoots we did for the Pennsylvania Apple Marketing Board. I’m a bit of an ag nerd, and I loved learning about our Commonwealth’s apple production for a series we worked on documenting the lifecycle of an apple. Plus, a few farmers sent us home with delicious, fresh-picked apples!

However, a few weeks ago we worked on a couple shoots for a client that involved dogs. Nothing brightens a day like playing with some sweet puppies.

If you’re driving the van, what’s playing on the radio?

Sean and I are totally on-par with music — Sirius Alt Nation, XM Fly — but on recent trips, we’ve been listening to the podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno. Drives are easier with laughs.


Item in your office with the best story:

The guys have WAY better items in their offices, but I’ve been collecting some framed local artwork related to our side projects — Brewed in the Burg and Harrisburg Beer Week. I have a framed can from the first year of the 717 Collaboration Ale, artwork from Tröegs Brewery and a set of framed vintage bottle openers, one of which is from Graupner’s, a historic Harrisburg brewery mentioned in our documentary. I also have a print from local artist, Andrew Guth, that says I Heart Harrisburg.

You’re in charge of the office kegerator — What’s on tap?

Tröegs Perpetual IPA, or anything ZerØday.


What video do you share most when you’re explaining to friends/family what you do for a living?

While I’ve spent some time in front of the camera for GK Visual, I’m most proud of some of my behind-the-scenes production work. Highlights include Brewed in the Burg, our GoHunt commercial for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and I love sharing our mini Burg in Focus stories we produce in conjunction with TheBurg.