Meet Our Team: Doug Metz

November 10, 2016

Whether you see us on shoots, behind-the-scenes Instagram photos or have attended one of our events, we thought we’d take the opportunity to let you learn more about our team. We’ll be sharing a mini interview with one of our team members each month.

Doug Metz is GK Visual’s Co-Owner and Head of Post Production.

team photo pgh

What has been your favorite shoot since you’ve been with GK Visual?

My favorites are the side projects we do for ourselves such as Brewed in the Burg, our GK Live shows and the model shoots. Road trips are great too. They can be long and tiring but it’s nice spending time with the crew and we usually find some time to unwind (beer).

If you’re driving the van, what’s playing on the radio?

It’s usually Stern but honestly whatever everybody else wants. I’m easy going. Just not country.



Item in your office with the best story:

My office is filled with my son’s art work and drawings that he made for me. There is one he made when he was around 5 that is of a GK Visual hat that I like a lot.

You’re in charge of the office kegerator — What’s on tap?

Can it be Bourbon? Anything from Pizza Boy and Zeroday and I’m a happy camper.



What video do you share most when you’re explaining to friends/family what you do for a living?

Usually it’s whatever we’ve done most recently. I’ll also show our demo reels and Brewed in the Burg.