Exploring Harrisburg with Josh Kesler

August 24, 2016

It’s hard to believe it was almost exactly three years ago that we launched¬†What’s on Tap (our first three interviews were with Liz Laribee, Ron Kamionka and Steven Neiman!).

Then, early last year we took a hiatus to produce our first feature-length documentary,¬†Brewed in the Burg, about Harrisburg’s craft beer community.

After shooting that, we thought about expanding the WOT format, integrating guided tours of the interviewees’ favorite locations, essentially showing us how they see their own community.

That was the approach we took for this final (semi-lost) episode featuring The Millworks’ Josh Kesler.

Josh started us at North Mountain Pastures, where his restaurant buys much of their meat. We lunched at The Millworks, then visited neighboring Broad Street Market, Midtown Scholar and Lux Condominiums.

Take a look: