New brew, building & employee

December 10, 2015

This year we’re celebrating 10 years of GK Visual, and we have a lot to be excited about.


Just this month, we purchased a new office building in Midtown Harrisburg, hired a new part-time employee, and next week we’ll celebrate with a private party with two of our favorite local venues, Midtown Cinema and ZerØday Brewing Company.

At the event, guests will sample a custom beer called GKX that our team helped brew and age.

We brewed a Belgian-style strong ale with ZerØday’s brewer, Theo Armstrong. The beer was aged in two different Willet whiskey barrels as well as stainless steel.

We chose Willet because we had traveled to Kentucky a few years ago to shoot some work for the distillery, and we thought it would be fun to incorporate them.

GKX was aged in one rye barrel, one bourbon and the rest stainless steel. Guests will be able to sample all three at the private event. The remaining beer will go on tap at ZerØday following the event. On Dec. 26, ZerØday also will feature a firkin of the non-barrel-aged GKX on char from 1792 bourbon barrels. This event will be open to the public.

About the building

We have long been outgrowing our current office, and found an opportunity to purchase a 7,000 sq ft building in Midtown Harrisburg.

We love living and working in the City of Harrisburg, so this was a great fit.

The building, which nearly triples our current office in Uptown Harrisburg, will be operational in the new year, and plans for the three-story building include a studio, as well as client meeting space. The additional space also provides the opportunity to begin an internship program and potentially hire an additional photographer/videographer and editor down the road.

New Employee: Sara Bozich

We also recently hired local writer Sara Bozich as a part-time producer and writer, bringing the GK Visual staff to a total of five employees.

We’ve been working with Sara for so long now and needed to fill a more regular role for a producer, production manager and writer.

Sara has worked with us for about three years in a variety of freelance roles. Together, we co-created the web series, “What’s on Tap” and the local craft beer documentary, “Brewed in the Burg.”